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NEW Corvette Z06 Review: The Chevy With A 'FERRARI' Engine? | 4K


The Corvette C8 took the world by storm; a great performance car, even compared to its European rivals. Rory is at Willow Springs International Raceway, to find out how much more the Z06 package offers. Special thanks to Jesse Iwuji, check out his content here: 🤍 🤍 Looking for your next car? Auto Trader will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever. Compare expert car reviews and recommendations, and find your perfect car through our official YouTube channel. Auto Trader: 🤍 Check back for the latest new car reviews on everything from SUVs to supercars, plus ✅ the latest car reviews ✅ car advice and explainers ✅ used and new car guides ✅ head-to-heads Subscribe for more from Auto Trader UK: 🤍 Want to be the first to see our new videos? Enable notifications Looking for more inspiration? 🚗 • Auto Trader: 🤍 • TikTok: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Pinterest: 🤍

NEW Lucid Air review


This is the Lucid Air, and it looks set to be the biggest threat to Tesla yet! That’s no surprise, as it’s the brainchild of Peter Rawlinson, formerly the chief engineer of the Model S. Starting things off with the design, not only does it look rather posh - it’s very aerodynamically efficient too. In fact, it has the lowest drag coefficient of any production car on sale today. That suave exterior is matched by a tech-rich and very spacious interior too. With an impressive infotainment setup, a large glass roof and acres of room in the back, there’s much to like about the Lucid Air. It even offers some mind-boggling figures, with this Dream Edition Performance delivering 1,111hp and 1,390Nm of torque! The catch? It all comes at a pretty eye-watering cost, with European pricing starting just above £150,000. Is it worth that asking figure? Stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out… Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:49 Design 02:43 Price 03:29 Interior 07:14 Back Seats 10:31 Boot 12:12 5 Annoying Things 13:34 5 Good Things 16:34 Batteries & Motors 17:33 Town Driving 20:28 Motorway Driving 22:22 Country Road Driving 23:41 0-60mph 25:07 Verdict BMW iX Review: 🤍 Kia EV6 Review: 🤍

The most hi-tech car I've ever driven!


Meet the most luxurious, hi-tech cars BMW has ever released - the new BMW 7 Series & BMW i7! Mat’s flown over to America to get his hands on these two luxurious limos to give them a full-blown, proper in-depth review! Let’s start with a look at the design. One thing’s for sure, from the back and the side, there’s no hiding that this is clearly a 7 Series. Sure there have been a few design upgrades over the previous generation, but the side and rear profile are quite clearly in the traditional 7 Series mold. But of course, it’s up top where things get interesting, with an absolutely massive double kidney grille that dominates the front end. Combine this with the split headlight design on either side, and you've got yourself one car that will definitely turn heads! Once you step inside, you are treated to a cabin absolutely full of high-quality materials, including leather & carbon on the dash, soft-touch felt on the roof, and super comfortable cashmere seats. You’ll also find the same swooping infotainment screen as in the new iX. But of course, the main feature of this interior is the huge 31-inch 8K cinema screen in the back! This thing is absolutely insane, and when you combine it with the ability to fully recline the seats in the back, there’s no denying that this is pretty much the best bit of technology we’ve got our hands on in any car… EVER! When it comes to performance, the range-topping BMW i7 60 comes with two electric motors to deliver 544hp and 745Nm of torque. It comes with a 102kWh battery pack that’s good for a claimed range of 388 miles. As for the BMW 7 Series, it comes with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that delivers an almost identical 544hp and 750Nm. As for the price, the 7 Series starts at £102,000, while the i7 starts at £108,000. But are they both worth it? You’ll need to stick with Mat to see for yourself! Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:37 Design 02:21 Interior 05:26 8K Cinema Screen 07:09 Back Seats 08:52 Boot 10:05 5 Annoying Things 13:08 5 Cool Things 16:28 Engines & Motors 17:04 i7 Driving 20:58 0-60mph (i7) 21:27 0-60mph (7 Series) 22:55 Driving Sounds 24:08 7 Series Driving 27:53 Verdict

The Porsche 944 Is an Undervalued Fun Sports Car


CHECK OUT THIS 944 ON CARS & BIDS! 🤍 Porsche 944 review! The Porsche 944 is an undervalued old-school Porsche and today I'm going to review it. I'll show you all the quirks and features of the 944, and I'll show you all the interesting things about it. Then I'll get out and drive the 944 and review the driving experience. WEBSITE & MERCH! 🤍 FOLLOW CARS & BIDS! Instagram - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Twitter -🤍 FOLLOW ME! Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 DOUGSCORE CHART: 🤍 CHAPTERS: 00:00 THIS... 00:32 CARS & BIDS!!! 01:06 Quirks & Features 02:19 Powertrain 03:16 Porsche 968 06:06 Interior 07:30 Trip Odometer Reset Button 09:43 Manual Transmission 11:56 Porsche Scripting 13:51 Driving Impressions 18:06 Outro & Doug Score #dougdemuro #cars #porsche #sportscar

JUST GET A TESLA MODEL Y? 2023 Nissan Ariya Review


2023 Nissan Ariya FWD Evolve+ review by The Straight Pipes. The 23 Ariya is putting down 238 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque from a 96kWh battery and one electric battery. At $65,948 CAD, would you take it over the Ioniq 5 or VW ID4? Find YOUR Continental Tire at 🤍 Check out TuxMat - The Ultimate Car Mat for everyday drivers 🤍 Use this TrueCar link for discounted price offers if you're shopping for a new car in the USA 🤍 Use this Car Help Canada link if you're shopping for a new car in Canada 🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 Instagram! 🤍 Twitter! 🤍 MERCH! 🤍 - #TheContiPipes #NissanAriya #Ariya -

New Volvo XC60: You won't believe what's changed inside!


This is the Volvo XC60, and Mat’s about to find out if it’s as good in 2023 as it was when it was first released in 2017! Well for starters, let’s take a look at the design. If we’re being honest, it hasn’t changed all that much from the original 2017 edition… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It’s got a good-looking, well proportioned side profile, and certain areas come with smart looking chrome trim, such as around the grille at the front. There is the option to swap this for black trim, but we’d definitely choose to keep the chrome! Take a step inside and it’s a similar story with the design of the outside - it’s all pretty similar to how it was back in 2017. The portrait style infotainment system remains, although we’re not the biggest fan of it, given all controls are managed via the touchscreen. Thankfully though it’s surrounded by soft touch materials throughout the cabin, apart from the odd bit of scratchy plastic dotted around. The latest version of the XC60 also comes with a full digital dial drivers display! There are a number of engines to choose from. There’s a 2-litre diesel with 197hp, or a 2-litre turbo petrol with 250hp. There are also two plug-in hybrid editions that make use of the 2-litre turbo petrol, with the range-topper delivering 455hp. Each comes with a 14kWh battery pack and the ability to drive on electric power alone for up to 43 miles. When it comes to the price, an entry-level XC60 starts from just under £48,000, rising all the way up to around £68,000! So given the design has hardly changed in the last few years, is it really worth it? Or should you go for something like a Mercedes GLC or Audi Q5 instead? Let us know in the COMMENTS! Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:33 Design 02:36 Interior 05:57 Back Seats 07:40 Boot 09:03 5 Annoying Things 10:47 5 Cool Things 12:44 Engines 13:48 Town Driving 16:00 Motorway Driving 17:40 Country Road Driving 19:06 0-60mph 19:36 Verdict Mat’s XC60 choice: 🤍 Audi Q5 review: 🤍 Mercedes GLC review: 🤍 Lexus NX review: 🤍 Sell your car with carwow: 🤍

The Ultimate High Tech Luxury Electric Car!


BMW i7 is absolutely loaded, and I'd take it over any other ultra luxury electric sedan. Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

This may be the perfect SUV 😳


The Rivian R1S Is... The Best SUV Ever?


Rivian R1S is an awesome, expensive SUV. That's on purpose. The podcast with RJ Scaringe: 🤍 Auto Focus channel: 🤍 JerryRigEverything tows with a Rivian R1T: 🤍 MKBHD Merch: 🤍 Tech I'm using right now: 🤍 Intro Track: 🤍 Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: 🤍 Vehicle loaned by Rivian for review. ~ 🤍 🤍 🤍

NEW Ferrari Purosangue Review: V12 SUV Game Changer | 4K


Rory reviews the new Ferrari SUV - known as the Purosangue - and sets about discovering whether this V12-powered four-door, four-seater is a true thoroughbred, or a cynical attempt by Ferrari to cash in. Looking for your next car? Auto Trader will help make finding your next vehicle easier than ever. Compare expert car reviews and recommendations, and find your perfect car through our official YouTube channel. Auto Trader: 🤍 Check back for the latest new car reviews on everything from SUVs to supercars, plus ✅ the latest car news ✅ top tips and car advice ✅ used and new car guides ✅ best-ofs Subscribe for more from Auto Trader UK: 🤍 Want to be the first to see our new videos? Enable notifications Looking for more inspiration? 🚗 • Auto Trader: 🤍 • TikTok: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Pinterest: 🤍 Filmed by George Peck & Greg Dowswell Edited by George Peck

2023 Aston Martin DBS Review // Brutality Overload


The 2023 Aston Martin DBS ($406,086 as spec’d in the US) aims to provide the ultimate Grand Touring experience. Propelled by a twin turbo V12 that makes a ferocious 715 horsepower, and with a claimed top speed of 211 mph (340 kph), the DBS appears to deliver in both speed and power. And with its long sleek hood and intimidating design language, it’s hard to deny the DBS’ curb appeal. But how does it perform as a proper GT car? Ride quality, comfort, and engine personality are all important facets of a GT car that’s able to excite its driver. Thomas and James spend some time with the 2023 Aston Martin DBS to see what it’s capable of, and if it truly does provide the ultimate Grand Touring experience. We hope you enjoy the episode! Subscribe! And THIS is our very big thank you to the one and only 🤍DougDeMuro EXTRA THROTTLE HOUSE! 🤍 Throttle House Merch! 🤍 Instagram! 🤍 Facebook! 🤍 Editor: Karston Chong Sound: Harrison Dickson and Karston Chong Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire #AstonMartin #GT #V12

BMW XM LOL? 2023 Audi RSQ8 Review


2023 Audi RSQ8 review by The Straight Pipes. The Audi RSQ8 is putting down 591 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from a 4L Twin Turbo V8. At $177,150 CAD, would you take it over the BMW XM, Lamborghini Urus, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Maserati Levante Trofeo, Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT? Find YOUR Continental Tire at 🤍 Check out TuxMat - The Ultimate Car Mat for everyday drivers 🤍 Use this TrueCar link for discounted price offers if you're shopping for a new car in the USA 🤍 Use this Car Help Canada link if you're shopping for a new car in Canada 🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 Instagram! 🤍 Twitter! 🤍 MERCH! 🤍 - #TheContiPipes #audi #suv -

Is this best new car? Honda Civic review


This is the all-new Honda Civic! The previous edition of the Civic was one of the most popular & recognisable family cars on the road. The question is, does the all-new edition offer enough to sway you away from a different family hatchback? Well, let’s see what’s on offer. In terms of the design, it’s markedly different to the previous model, with a swooping tailgate around the rear through to an updated front with LED headlights and a new grille. On the inside, you’ll be treated to a simple but well-laid-out dash. There are good quality materials throughout most of the cabin, along with physical dials to make it easy to manage climate controls. The infotainment has also been updated, although it’s pretty middle of the road. Thankfully though, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard! Considering it’s a family hatchback, it’s still not the cheapest. The entry-level edition starts at just under £30,000! But does it offer enough for you to still choose it over the competition? You’ll have to stick with Mat and see for yourself! Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:32 Design 01:49 Interior 04:38 Back Seats 05:39 Boot 07:20 5 Annoying Things 08:40 5 Cool Things 09:59 Engine 11:11 Town Driving 11:57 Country Road Driving 14:18 0-60mph 15:14 Verdict Mat’s Honda Civic Choice: 🤍

$700 000 REZVANI VENGEANCE - 810 HP! Test drive and full review. Road legal military truck!


SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON GUYS + BELL 🔔 ON ✅➡️ 🤍 ⬅️😎 Check my other video with MUSIC ONLY + POV driving - 🤍 This time we filmed for you all new REZVANI VENGEANCE. This is incredible road legal military truck with 810 hp V8 6.2 COMPRESSOR as a maximum engine and different levels of armor. It based on Cadillac ESCALADE but this is absolutely another car. This is next level project by REZVANI after they made TANK and HERCULES 6x6 models. We drove $420 000 VENGEANCE and also we tried to show you all its main features. Let's check it out! CheeRS, Alan Enileev. 00:00 - exterior review 05:10 - REZVANI showroom 06:27 - engines 08:31 - interior review & features 10:44 - driving and dynamic #rezvani #vengeance #military #cadillac #escalade #armor #armored #bulletproof #suv #truck #v8 #tank #hercules #rezvanivengeance #alanenileev #alandrives

The MG 4 is the BEST car I've driven all year!


This is the all-new MG4! Mat’s got his hands on this family-friendly EV, and he’s about to see if it can compete with class leaders such as the Volkswagen ID.3 and Cupra Born. For starters, it looks great from the outside! Top-of-the-range models get a smart light bar around the back and a cool roof spoiler. What’s more, they also come with a black roof and blacked-out rear windows. There’s also a super cool front splitter up top, along with some smart daytime running lights. One thing’s for sure, this car looks much more expensive than it actually is! The good news is, the good looks continue on the inside. There are two large separate infotainment and dial screens, and a smart two-spoke steering wheel. You’ll also find good-quality materials throughout the majority of the cabin. The infotainment system is ok, but it does also come with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay as standard. There are two choices of batteries, with the range-topper being 61kWh. This then comes with a range of up to 281 miles, along with a 203hp motor. This car, and the entry-level, are both rear-wheel drive. So what's the price? Well, it starts from just over £26,000! Think it sounds too good to be true? You’ll have to join Mat for this all-new review to see for yourself! Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:45 Design 02:37 Interior 04:56 Back Seats 06:55 Boot 07:47 5 Annoying Things 09:08 5 Cool Things 10:53 Batteries & Range 11:59 Town Driving 13:27 Motorway Driving 14:32 Country Road Driving 15:54 0-60mph 16:26 Verdict Mat's MG4 Choice: 🤍

The new M240i may be a better Supra!


2024 Mazda CX-90 Turbo Inline-6 AWD Review and Off-Road Test


We test the almost all-new 2024 Mazda CX-90 Premium Plus on the street and our off-road test course. #mazda #offroad #newcar CONTENTS 00:00 - Introduction 00:38 - Features 15:05 - Driving Impressions 24:43 - Off-Road Test and Conclusion Get a VIP Pass for Driving Sports TV on YouTube: 🤍 Driving Sports produces exclusive automotive reviews, news and motor sports for broadcast, web, mobile and set-top boxes. Do not use our video content without permission. All rights are reserved. Equipment used to make this video: Canon R5: 🤍 Canon R6: 🤍 Canon 24-105mm f/4: 🤍 BlackMagic Ursa 4.6k G2: 🤍 Sony RX0II (in-car camera) 🤍 Rode Go Wireless mic 🤍 GoPro 🤍 Aputure Amaran AL-MW LED 🤍 Follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Official Site: 🤍

2010 Ford Mustang S197 Revision Convertible 5MT: Regular Car Reviews #mustang #s197


Get Entered to WIN this Mustang GT Convertible! 🤍 DEADLINE to ENTER is May 31st 🤍 11:59pm (PST). Submit your car to be reviewed, sign up for exclusive content and enjoy more RCR brilliance here: 🤍 New 2nd channel "Regular and Roman" 🤍

2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT POV Drive Review! *The BEST SUV*


Special thanks for 🤍alpha_one_motors for providing the car! This vehicle along with many others are available there now at the link: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO VEHICLE VIRGINS ► 🤍 YESTERDAYS VIDEO! ► 🤍 2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT POV Drive Review! *The BEST SUV* Follow VV on Instagram for behind the scenes! 🤍VehicleVirgins 🤍 Like us on Facebook! 🤍 Family friendly Vehicle Virgins seeks to provide the most informative, relatable, funny automotive videos and reviews every day of the week. No matter what you drive, if you have a passion for cars or want to learn more about the amazing automotive community, join the VV community for a heck of a ride!

The 2023 Lexus ES 300h F-Sport Is A Lexus Sedan At Its Best With An Electrified Flair


The #LexusES has a long history for Lexus. Introduced in the late 80's alongside the flagship LS luxury sedan, the #LexusES300h is the electrified version of the popular midsize luxury sedan. Sharing a platform with the full-size Toyota Avalon, the latest #ES300hFSport adds the popular handling package to a quiet, comfortable, and efficient car. While it doesn't turn the latest #ES into a sport sedan, it does make for a more visually appealing car that is still the same quiet and comfortable car that it has always been. We're also on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Automotive Expert Reviews Car Memes


Car Meme Review edited by postbode007

Porsche 911 GT3 Review // Our dream car! What about you?


This is a Motormouth couple car review of the Porsche 911 GT3 supercar. This Porsche 911 GT3 has a naturally aspirated 4L flat-six engine with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed PDK, 502 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque, up 7 lb-ft from the previous model. It goes 0-100 in 3.9 seconds. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. This is a RWD model. Porsche’s moto for Porsche 911 GT3 models is get the most out of every second. Porsche says, they have intensified everything that makes a sports car, performance, tuning and aerodynamics. The new Porsche 911 GT3 achieves approximately 60% more downforce than its predecessors. For the first time in a 911 GT3 a double wishbone front suspension has been installed. This system is derived directly from the 911 RSR and the responsiveness of the front axle has been significantly improved. The Porsche 911 GT3 gives you so much driving enjoyment, this is such a special sports car, if you can afford it, it is truly an amazing vehicle to own. Whether you plan on taking this on the track or you just prefer it as your daily driver, it’s comfortable enough to drive around the city, it’s not too radical a sports car that’s only for the track. The interior is sporty and driver focused, everything you would expect from a Porsche. It has the updated Porsche system with a 10.9” touchscreen with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, 7” TFT displays on the left and right of the rev counter, a GT sports steering wheel with manual adjustment, standard 4-way sports seats in Race-Tex, ambient lighting, a 12 speaker Bose sound system, 2-zone automatic climate control and navigation. The 911 GT3 is $204,500 CAD/$182,900 USD. Andrea Instagram 🤍 Zack Instagram 🤍

Luxury Car Problems # 5


Car Consultancy Form: 🤍 OWNER'S Car Review Want us to review your car/bike? Share your details -🤍 Follow us on Subscribe us 🤍 YouTube : 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Website: 🤍

2023 Chery Omoda 5 (inc. 0-100 & autonomy test) review


The new Chery Omoda 5 is one of the cheapest SUVs in Australia...but should you be spending your money on it? Paul Maric takes the 2023 Chery Omoda 5 turbo for a drive to see if it's any good. Hardness tester, noise and lane keeping results: 🤍 More Chery content: 🤍 More Chery Omoda 5 content: 🤍 Skip Ahead: Intro: 00:00 Exterior 00:56 Interior 02:41 Infotainment 04:03 Safety Tech 06:49 Practicality 07:57 On the Road 11:32 Driver aids 17:19 Performance 19:24 Verdict 22:17 We review every new car on the market, bust car myths, cover the latest car tech and answer your burning questions. Whether you need new car advice, purchase validation or simply love learning more about new cars and technology, we are your car experts. Subscribe to Car Expert: 🤍 You'll find us dropping new video content three times a week. If you'd like to ask a question about one of our videos, simply leave us a comment. If you'd like to give us any feedback on our content, feel free to email us, or alternatively, hit us up on social media. Finally, we want this channel to grow with your support and feedback. If there's anything you don't like or would like to see us change, we'd love to hear from you! Follow us on social media to see what we're up to and to ask any questions! CarExpert: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Paul Maric: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #chery #omoda5 #review

NEW Tesla Model Y With NEW Features Shipping NOW


Get 20% off for Fanttik V7 Pocket Car Vacuum ($55)! Use code RYANV7AMZ and apply a coupon at: 🤍 View more deal on 🤍 #FanttikV7 #FanttikCarVacuum Ryan's NEW Jazz Channel: 🤍 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review: 🤍 Tesla Referral Link: 🤍 2 Year Model 3 Review: 🤍 Best Tesla Model Y/3 Accessories: 🤍 Cybertruck Updates: 🤍 My Tesla Turo Review: 🤍 ► & More (2nd Channel): 🤍 ► Follow Me On Twitter: 🤍 ► Follow Me On Instagram: 🤍 Best Tesla Accessories for 2023: 1. All-Weather Floor Mats ► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider): 🤍 ► Model 3 Floor Mats (3D Maxpider): 🤍 2. Front License Plate Mount - Quick Bandit ► Model Y: 🤍 ► Model 3: 🤍 3. Screen Protector (Model Y/3) ► Elon Accessories: 🤍 ► Teslarati: 🤍 ► Cheaper Option: 🤍 4. Cyber Backpack ► 🤍 5. HEPA Filters ► 🤍 6. Scent Wedge Tesla Air Freshener (Model Y/3) ► 🤍 7. Air Freshener Adapter ► 🤍 8. Car Vacuum ► Fanttik V8: 🤍 ► Fanttik V9: 🤍 9. Center Console Organizers (Model Y/3) 🤍 ► Armrest Storage: 🤍 ► Spigen Package: 🤍 10. Under Seat Storage Containers (Model Y) ► Amazon: 🤍 (In Stock) ► Teslarati: 🤍 (Sold Out 3/21/23) ► Tesmanian: 🤍 (Sold Out 3/21/23) 11. Rear Seat Storage (Model Y) 🤍 12. Front Trunk Organizer (Model Y) ► 🤍 Front Trunk Organizer (Model 3) ► 🤍 13. Under-Storage Organizer ► 🤍 14. Side Cubby Storage Bins (Model Y) ► 🤍 15. Side Door Organizers ► Model Y: 🤍 Model 3: 🤍 16. New Owners Bundle ► Model Y: 🤍 17. Phone Mount ► 🤍 18. Tablet Mount ► 🤍 19. Roof Shade (Model Y): ► Teslarati: 🤍 ► Tesmanian: 🤍 Roof Shade (Model 3): ► Teslarati: 🤍 ► Tesmanian: 🤍 20. Arm Rest Cover ► 🤍 21. Head Rests ► 🤍 22. Sunglasses Holder ► 🤍 23. Stalk Covers ► 🤍 24. Tire Air Caps ► 🤍 25. Water Bottle Holder ► 🤍 26. Dashboard Cap Cover ► Model Y: 🤍 (Sold Out 3/21/23) ► Model 3: 🤍 (In Stock) ► Carbon Fiber: 🤍 (In Stock) 27. Pedal Covers ► 🤍 28. Spare Tire for Tesla ► Model Y Spare: 🤍 ► Model 3 Spare: 🤍 29. Pet Cargo Cover ► 🤍 30. Cleaning Products Cleaning Kit: 🤍 Individual Products: ► Two Bucket Wash Setup: 🤍 ► Car Shampoo: 🤍 ► Pressure Washer: 🤍 ► Foam Cannon: 🤍 *When you buy something using the links above, we may earn a small commission to help support the channel. We only recommend brands we 100% stand by.* ► My Favorite Tesla Model Y Accessories: 🤍 ► Jeda Dock & Charging Pad: 🤍 ► Teslacam by Pure Tesla: 🤍 ► GoPro Max 360 Camera: 🤍 ► The Camera I Use: 🤍 ► My B-Camera: 🤍 ► My Favorite Lens: 🤍 ► 28mm Lens: 🤍 ► How I Record Audio: 🤍 ► Shotgun Mic I Use: 🤍 ► Lapel Mic I Use: 🤍 ► Tripod I Use: 🤍 ► Favorite Video Light: 🤍 Topics Covered: Tesla Tesla News Tesla Updates Tesla Rumors Tesla Leaks New Tesla Tesla Model Y Model Y Tesla Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model Y Tesla Model S Tesla Model X Model 3 Model Y Model S Model X Tesla Details Tesla Tax Credit Tesla EV Tax Credit Tesla Cybertruck Cybertruck Tesla Cybertruck Sighting Cybertruck Paint Model Y Mini New Tesla Cheap Tesla $25000 Tesla New Model 3 Project Highland Tesla Tesla Price Drop Cheap Tesla

New Kia EV6 review: the best electric car in the world!


Need help buying your next car? Click the following link and my team and I will help you choose your ideal car at a fair price - from Mat Watson! 🤍 ............................................................. This is the all-new Kia EV6! It’s Kia’s first purpose-built electric car, and Mat’s on hand to see if it has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with some of the class-leading German crossover EVs! For starters, there’s no denying that the EV6 looks great. Whatever angle you look at it from the outside, the Kia has a sporty edge that helps it stand out. What’s more, when you take a step inside, it’s packed full of all-new tech, including Kia’s latest infotainment system! That’s not all though, you can even use the EV6’s vehicle-to-load feature to use the car as a portable power supply! In terms of performance, there’s a variety of different options available, with the class leader delivering 325hp! All models come packing a 77kWh battery, and it has a claimed range of 316 miles. So with a starting price of £41,000, is the EV6 THE must-have electric car of 2021? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out! Tesla Model 3 review - 🤍 Mustang Mach-E review - 🤍 Skoda Enyaq review - 🤍 ............................................................. Instagram – 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 Sign Up to our Newsletter – 🤍 Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal.  Oder auch in Deutschland Geld beim Autokauf sparen – 🤍 Visita nuestra página web para saber cuánto te puedes ahorrar en tu nuevo coche – 🤍

Tata iRA Technology Explained || తెలుగులో || Telugu Car Review


Tata iRA Technology Explained || తెలుగులో || Telugu Car Review #iratechnologyintelugu #tatairatechnology #telugucarreview Fronx Delta Plus Review with test drive 🤍 నా channel visit చేయండి...❤️ 🤍 Driving tips.....❤️ 🤍 All car reviews 🔥🚘: 🤍 Test Drive🔥Reviews:🧡 🤍 Car technology explained....❤️ 🤍 Car comparison videos....❤️ 🤍 My facebook page link...❤️ 🤍 #Telugucarreview #carreviewintelugu ...…........................................................................ Please Subscribe 🙏 & Like The Video🤗 My contact...for business purposes only karnatirangababu🤍😎 * Thanks for watching...JAI HIND

2023 BMW XM Review // The Most Overpriced Car Of The Decade


The 2023 BMW XM ($159,000 starting in the US, $245,580 starting in Canada) is the biggest, heaviest, and most powerful M car that BMW has ever put to market. It also comes with the largest starting price of any BMW in history. But with that price comes a hybrid-powered twin-turbo V8, which packs a mighty 644 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. It also boasts an undeniable road presence and has adaptive suspension as standard. But is it able to handle its over 6000 lb curb weight? And does it come with all the tech, luxuries, and design one might expect from a top-of-the-line flagship? Thomas and James investigate! We hope you enjoy the episode. Subscribe! EXTRA THROTTLE HOUSE! 🤍 Throttle House Merch! 🤍 Instagram! 🤍 Facebook! 🤍 Editor: Daniel Mason Sound: Harrison Dickson and Daniel Mason Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire #BMW #XM #SUV

⚡️தம்மாத்துண்டு Car'ல 🚗 இவ்ளோ Technology'ஆ 😱 MG Comet EV


MG Comet Ev Price - ₹7,98,000/- - Time Stamp 00:00 Intro 0:36 Features Of MG Comet EV Media Partner : Adada Creators Email : techboss🤍 😄 Subscribe😄 : 🤍 You can also follow me on: 📞 TeleGram: 🤍 🌈 Instagram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 😊 Facebook: 🤍

7000km Tata Nexon EV Max Review


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The better Toyota bZ4X? 2023 Lexus RZ electric car review: New RZ450e EV targets Tesla Model Y SUV


The 2023 Lexus RZ is finally here, giving Australian buyers their first taste of Toyota's new dedicated electric vehicle (EV) platform, which has also spawned two other mid-size SUVs, the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra. That's right; the RZ is Lexus' first proper electric car, following in the tyre tracks of the UX300e small SUV, which uses a modified version of the UX's internal-combustion engine (ICE) underpinnings. Point being, the RZ should have fewer compromises - but does it? In this expert review, CarsGuide Journalist Tom White finds out if the RZ was worth waiting for by putting its RZ450e variant through its paces. It's got dual-motor performance and all-wheel-drive grip - but does it have the driving range to match? #Lexus #RZ #Review 00:00 Intro 00:26 Pricing and features 01:58 Design 04:26 Practicality 05:40 Under the bonnet 06:11 Driving 10:09 Efficiency 11:14 Safety 11:38 Ownership 12:45 Verdict Read Tom's full review: 🤍 Check out our Lexus RZ hub: 🤍 Find more SUVs: 🤍 Visit our EV Guide: 🤍 CarsGuide - Go beyond the test drive Visit our website for News, Reviews, Advice and more: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Like our Facebook page: 🤍 Follow our Instagram profile: 🤍 Follow our TikTok profile: 🤍 Follow our Twitter profile: 🤍 Follow our LinkedIn page: 🤍

MORE FUN Than A Super Car! // 2023 Civic Type R Review


My in-depth mechanical review of the new FL5 Civic Type R. Hondata FL5 Dyno Video: 🤍 Social & Merch Links: Website: 🤍 Instagram: sarahntuned TikTok: sarahntuned Twitter: sarahntuned Patreon: 🤍 Amazon Store: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Special Thanks to my Patreon Support! Britt F. Chad B. Col. L. Curtis S. Daniel F. Darren M. Dave David L. Jeffrey P. Josh H. Kevin C. Mark L. Meghan "in Seattle" Nenad R. Ray I. Terry S. Todd C.

Youtuber Irfan 1st Response to the Car Accident | Viral ஆகும் Irfan-ன் முதல் பதிவு 😱


Youtuber Irfan 1st Response to the Car Accident | Viral ஆகும் Irfan-ன் முதல் பதிவு 😱

2023 Maruti Suzuki Jimny review - The new off-road king | First Drive | Autocar India


The wait is over! The Maruti Suzuki Jimny is here! Nikhil Bhatia brings you the in-depth review. Cameraperson: Sharad Vegada + Official B-Roll Editor: Siddhesh Kadam 0:00 - Introduction 1:04 - Jimny Off-road 6:31 - Jimny dimensions and design 8:13 - Jimny interior 8:56 - Features 9:37 - Jimny crash test and safety equipment 9:49 - Interior quality 10:05 - Storage space 10:40 - Front seats 11:06 - Jimny rear seats 12:15 - Luggage room 12:38 - Ride comfort 13:32 - Handling 14:11 - Performance 15:28 - Jimny automatic 15:59 - Jimny manual 16:04 - Jimny fuel economy 16:29 - No Boosterjet 16:39 - Jimny price expectation 17:05 - Verdict SUBSCRIBE to Autocar India for the hottest automotive news and the most comprehensive reviews ► 🤍 Autocar India is your one-stop source for test drive reviews & comparison tests of every new car and motorcycle launched in India. We also offer a great mix of other automotive content, including weekly news, motor show reports, travelogues and other special features. Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 New car reviews ►🤍 Comparison tests ►🤍 New bike reviews ►🤍 Features ►🤍

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