Cristiano Ronaldo assist Ricardo Horta Goal vs Iceland 🇵🇹🇮🇸⚽

Cristiano Ronaldo News

Cristiano Ronaldo News

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Cristiano Ronaldo Assist Ricardo Horta Goal vs Iceland Cristiano Ronaldo helps Ricardo Horta Goal vs Iceland Cristiano Ronaldo vs Iceland

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Cristiano Ronaldo assist Ricardo Horta Goal vs Iceland 🇵🇹🇮🇸⚽
Cristiano Ronaldo assist Ricardo Horta Goal vs Iceland 🇵🇹🇮🇸⚽
Cristiano Ronaldo assist Ricardo Horta Goal vs Iceland 🇵🇹🇮🇸⚽
Cristiano Ronaldo assist Ricardo Horta Goal vs Iceland 🇵🇹🇮🇸⚽
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2023-11-22 00:16:48

Does nobody see that he wanted to score but just did not touch the ball properly, and moreover he was not happy for his teammate?!?!?!?!?!?

2023-11-21 17:40:56

That was a miskick 😅

2023-11-21 12:43:19

That might genuinely be the worst assist I've ever seen. And im not saying it looking for a reaction or to annoy people. It really might be the worst, yet theres a video dedicated to how good it was🤣

2023-11-21 10:35:44

Its not an assist. He kick to score but failed.

2023-11-21 04:19:33

What a dumb channel, this isn't an assist he shot gk saved teammate scored a rebound 😂

2023-11-21 03:59:17

That's not an assisted an attempt to score a goal but he missed kick the ball ...Horta then get the ball and scores..

2023-11-21 02:32:53

CR7 is goat he is the legend all time favourite for me football ⚽ means CR7 with out whom football is he make goals or not doesn't matter 👍7⭐

2023-11-20 23:47:22

Messi lovers crying 😭

2023-11-20 18:21:54

Thats not an assist btw .. but for Cr7 fans keeping it clean n fair its an assist.. 😊

2023-11-20 17:13:18

You call that an assist?

2023-11-20 16:27:07

What you guys talking about here? Was that an assist? Is that a joke or what?

2023-11-20 15:51:46

Crynaldo played against bots on amateur level🤣🤣🤣

2023-11-20 15:45:48

His assist record r so fake even his shot blocked n reboud but his team mate scored,its ganna be his assists😅😅😅.. his assist r so bad even average midfielder can give better assist from better distance😅😅

2023-11-20 14:55:04

He hit a shot the keeper saved, that's not an assist 😂😂😂

2023-11-20 14:50:57

Assist 😂😂😂😂 not even a assist 😂😂😂 he tried to score and as gutted he didnt

2023-11-20 14:29:27

This is not an assist, he tried to score but the goalkeeper disturbed him then his teammate scored. I like Ronaldo a lot but what puzzles me here is the lack of excitement from Ronaldo when his teammate scores.

2023-11-20 13:43:39

A very very very very very good assist waaaawwww

2023-11-20 11:25:00

😂It's not an assist bro he missed

2023-11-20 11:08:32

attempted tap in became assist. brilliant play.

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